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Introductions are in order

Some time around 2006, for better or worse, I found myself swept up by this wargaming hobby.  I had been familiar with the Warhammer 40,000 franchise since I was a kid, but was really only exposed to it in all its ‘grimdark’ glory through the Dawn of War PC game.  Everything about the setting, atmosphere, and the way Games Workshop approached this idea of “fantasy in space” was unlike anything I’d seen before and was just craving more, so I took the plunge some time around the tail end of 4th edition.  Being an Eldar player in DoW, and knowing that everyone and their mother played Space Marines, choosing them as my first army was a no brainer.  Of course, you never, ever have one army, and a year or two later, I started a really modest collection of Orks, and finally in 2010 when the Dark Eldar model range and their lore were revamped, I absolutely had to start an army.


I’m no 40k gaming guru.  I’ve played maybe a dozen games, mostly due to a lack of competition in my immediate vicinity, but I’ll still build lists and try to keep up with the meta.  That said, just collecting and painting armies has been more than enough to keep me engaged in the hobby.  So that’s basically what this blog is about.

Over just the last few years, I decided after picking up a few new painting tricks, learning better brush control and finding a bit of free time here and there, that when I wasn’t picking up new models, I’d completely repaint (!) both my Eldar and Ork armies.  During this time, I also felt compelled for some strange reason to take random pictures, not only of finished models, but WIPs.  Before long I found myself with a big enough folder of pictures that I figured I might as well catalog all of it somehow, and after much feet dragging, here I am.  I don’t suppose many people will ever find this blog, but I hope you find something interesting in it regardless.

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