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I feel like I need to break up all the Eldar posts with a little bit of yellow and a lot of green, especially since that’s what’s actually on my table as of this moment.  And for the first time in awhile I’m not working on repaints, but actual new additions to an army.  As I’ve mentioned in a prior blog post, I picked up Orks as a second army about two years into the hobby.  And as is the case with anyone who’s in the hobby for a decent amount of time, your eyes start wandering from your first army, and the temptation of picking up at least a few models from a different one eventually overtakes you.

Space Marines were still off the table since every time I walked into a Games Workshop to buy kits, the overwhelming majority of games I saw being played were Marines vs Marines.  Besides, the way the Orks were represented in the Dawn of War games was oddly… charming?  I think it says something about the setting when the faction that’s often described as sweeping worlds in a green tide of violence is considered the comedic relief.

Those Bad Moon Boyz up top weren’t always how they looked.  I originally went with Goffs, since, well, I knew I was going to be dealing with a *lot* more infantry than I previously was with Eldar, and I wanted to keep it simple.  Here’s one of the few pictures I have of a squad of Boyz before they got repainted as an example…


Not bad.  The green skin was the biggest challenge, but overall while they were a bit boring to look at, they were clean — which was good enough for a painter learning as he went along.  Orks were always on the back burner for me though, even as I had amassed something like 1,000 points I didn’t know which way to expand the army.  From 4th/5th edition they were a bit of a one-trick army with the dreaded Biker Nobs and wound allocation shenanigans that I wanted no part of.  Then the 6th edition codex dropped, and the army as a whole just became kind of underwhelming.

For the longest time I had a Warboss, 60 Boyz, 2 Trukks, 12 Lootas, 3 Mega-Armoured Nobz and 3 Killa Kanz and 3 Warbikers.  It didn’t help that I just prioritized Eldar over my Orks, and once 2010 saw the Dark Eldar range get updated, my poor Orks would just sit in the back of my closet literally for years.  Then Warhammer TV put out this tutorial about how to paint a Bad Moonz Morkanaut (or Gorkanaut).  Yellow was always one of those colors that just had a reputation of being difficult to work with, but they made it seem easy, and it probably still would be a pain if it weren’t for the release of the Base paints.  I’ll talk about that some time in the future, since it did take two different approaches to finally settle on what you see in the top picture.  Over time,  I found painting a striking yellow army so fun and satisfying that when I had the money to spare, I decided to go YOLO and add to my much neglected WAAAGH.


That’s 30 more Boyz, 5 Nobz, another Trukk, a Gorkanaut (or Morkanaut), and a Battlewagon with a Deffrolla.  I converted a few of the Boyz into a Tankbusta squad as well, so while at its best it’s still probably not competitive, I feel like this army has more of an identity now.  It took a few weeks to finally assemble all of this whenever I could find the time.  Again, building is not my favorite part of the hobby by a long shot, but I was dedicated.  Hell, on the night I finally got around to building the Gorkanaut (or… you know), the power went out.IMG_1046Yes, I tied a flashlight to a hockey stick and balanced it above my work desk.  Almost Orky now that I think about it.  Anyway, now that they’ve been properly introduced, expect a bit more Ork stuff, especially since that’s what I’ve been working on nonstop for the past few months.  I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with that last batch of models though.  Then I can finally work on the assorted Dark Eldar models I have scattered about…  and 3 more days til the new Codex drops.

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