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[Repaint] Da Biggest and Da Meanest

It took awhile to get around to doing this particular blog.  Sunshine’s been kinda scarce lately, and this color scheme under the humble lamp I use for painting doesn’t seem to play too well with my iPad’s camera.  Yeah it’s a basic setup, but it works…most of the time.

Anyway, next up is the Warboss and some of his meanest Boyz.


Before the rework and looking back, I gotta say a lot of my paint jobs came out fairly clean.  Boring, but clean.  I got this Warboss model pretty early into my hobby career, and prior to that all I’d really done was armor panels and gemstones courtesy of my Eldar — so painting such an expressive face was kinda new to me.  I don’t think I did too badly, and everything you see above, besides the yellow bits from my first attempt at a repaint were the original paint job.  If it wasn’t broke, I wasn’t gonna fix it.

Incidentally, I also had to break off his arm that originally held a Big Choppa, which seems like a trend with my Orks.  I kinda just went with it because it was the only option that came in the blister, but Power Klaws are such an iconic Ork weapon (and I have at least half a dozen still lying around) that I had to make the change, point efficiency be damned.  Anyway, I left the Warboss last out of all my infantry models that needed a repaint since I really wanted to get the technique I was using for yellow down pat…


And now he looks like a right proppa Bad Moon Warboss!  Though this picture makes him look a bit dustier than he actually is.  I touched up his face a bit with some finer highlights and of course applied liberal amounts of washes to any metallic parts; but the biggest goal for me was to get him representing that yellow loud and proud.  On the other hand, one of the most interesting things about painting Orks for me has been playing with color contrasts, so things like the wraps on the holstered guns on his back and his body armor I decided to keep drab colors to make the yellow pop more wherever it was.

Along with my Warboss, I also had a small set of Mega-Armoured Nobz — which by the way, out of all the metal infantry models I own, are by far the heftiest.  I loved the unit in the original Dawn of War.  They could just waddle into the thick of an Apocalypse level battle and shrug off almost everything.  They were big, mean, and took absurd amounts of punishment, just like you’d expect a walking tank with an Ork inside to be.  Unfortunately, like many things, that never really translated to tabletop.  Still, I loved the idea, and the models.


They continue the tradition of my early painting ventures of being clean but boring.  Honestly, these guys were the ones I was the most hesitant to repaint, and thought about maybe even just giving them yellow plates on their shoulders to tie them into the wider army paint scheme.  There was just something about them that made me remember why I thought the Goff color scheme was cool just beyond being a convenient pick for lazy painters.  But if you’ve committed yourself to repainting an entire army, you better go all in.


And as I post this image I’m just now realizing that I forgot to touch up the skull trophies.  Oh well.  Anyway, I wanted to leave more black armor where I could, because the Citadel approach of painting everything yellow on the newer Mega-Armoured Nobz hurts my eyes.  The last thing I wanted was to make them look cartoony, which imo a lot of the Bad Moonz stuff they’re doing does.

Finally, I figured if I could choose one accent to kinda add my own flavor to an already established color scheme, it’d be teal as a nod to my Eldar.  Pretty simple process:

  • Base of Sotek Green
  • Wash of Drakenhoff Nightshade
  • Layer of Sotek Green
  • Highlight of Templeguard Blue
  • Fine edge highlight of Fenrisian Blue

It’s great for cables, lenses, signs, and maybe down the line even as facial warpaint on random Boyz to give them a bit more variation.  Though, given my painting backlog, that’s something that probably wouldn’t happen until 2040, or so it feels.

2 thoughts on “[Repaint] Da Biggest and Da Meanest

    1. Thanks man. For Nobz, Warbosses, etc. I opted for a more faded green and used all Citadel paints.

      I start with a basecoat of Deathworld Forest followed by an all over wash of Athonian Camoshade. Once dry, I started layering Deathworld Forest and then Elysian Green. Highlight with Ogryn Camo, and finally a selective highlight of about 1:1 of Ogryn Camo and I *think* Screaming Skull. The last highlight is optional, and really only for the tips of ears and stuff.

      Hope that helps.


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