Bracing for the latest round of Games Workshop price hikes.


If you keep up with any non-Games Workshop, Warhammer-related news sites, you might have already heard that a rather large round of price increases is on its way.  In about a day in fact, if the rumor is right.  And if you haven’t heard, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this does seem to be the biggest set of price increases I can remember in many years.  For a better idea of what’s going up, check out the pricing lists via Natfka or Bell of Lost Souls.  The vast majority of price increases are aimed at 40k kits, but you do see some things like AoS bases, the Citadel Paint Handle, and some random terrain being affected as well.

As with every set of price hikes you’ll get people who say that’s about all they can take, and that they’re done.  Then you get the replies telling them not to let the door hit them on the way out.  I gotta say that I always find myself more sympathetic to those who feel priced out of the hobby though, since all it really means is there’s less people to play an already niche game with — despite a huge amount of people who love the setting, lore, models, etc.  I also seem to remember one of the main driving forces behind the destruction of the Old World and the creation of Age of Sigmar was the large barrier of entry, which we’re starting to see again, but now with 40k.  Maybe that’s why they’ve been pushing Kill Team and other specialist games?  Dunno.

While I’m most definitely not calling it quits, everyone has their line, and every time this happens I have to consider where mine is and how close I’m getting to it.  The end result of this price hike for me personally is that I’ll actually spend less money overall on this hobby than I normally would have.  Not out of spite, but also because I have other hobbies that I’ve been neglecting in favor of churning out plastic space guys (and gals).  And whether these price hikes were brought on by tariffs, or Brexit, or Kevin Durant walking away from Golden State, I don’t know.  I’d also offer skepticism it has to do with Games Workshop struggling financially, seeing as how just last year they expected enough of a profit increase to give their employees all a share of a £5 million bonus, which for the record I thought was a classy move.  Whatever the case may be, we’ll likely never get a straight answer from Games Workshop, and it’ll be a cold day in hell when kits go down in price outside of limited boxed sets, something I plan on touching on in the future.

So where does that leave my armies?  They’re all seeing increases for some pretty notable models.  I’m in a position where there’s stuff I definitely wanted more of down the line, but have more than enough on my hobby plate to justify not adding any of them to what’s essentially turning into a ‘Pile of Shame’.  You know.  That stack of boxes in your closet or basement that’s just collecting dust?  Yeah.  Anyway, I’ve been kinda taking stock figuratively and literally, and thinking about where to go with each army, if anywhere at all anymore.  This is not a comprehensive list of increases by the way.  If you want that, check out one of the links at the top.

Craftworld Eldar


Short of seeing plastic Aspect Warriors, I don’t see myself making anymore purchases for my Craftworld Eldar.  Even when we eventually do see them, at the current pricing trends they’d probably be something like $50 for 5 models.  Plus I like the weighty feel of my metal Aspect Warriors.  What I would have liked was another Wraithknight, but those are taking a +$25 hit, from $115 to $140, I’m not too torn up about it though.  Much of what I feel my army is missing I already have just waiting in my stockpile.

Some noteworthy projected price increases are +$9 ($50) for Windriders and +$10 ($75) for the Crimson Hunter.  There’s also +$5.50 ($50) for the Wave Serpent and +$8.75 ($55) for a Wraithlord.  These were models that were both $30 when I first started.  That isn’t great, but yet somehow GW still hasn’t outdone their most BS change I’ve ever seen since I’ve been around: Dire Avengers being repackaged from a squad of 10 to 5, while simultaneously getting a price bump from $30 to $35.  Anyway, as far as army growth, looks like these guys are just gonna be on standby for a long time.

Dark Eldar / Drukhari


This is the one that irks me the most, but I guess after going 9 years and seeing only price hikes on the newer plastic HQ models, it’s been a good run.  Notable plastic infantry kits are seeing about a $5-6 increase, which puts Warriors and Wyches at $35 and Scourge at $30.  Venoms and Raiders get an increase as well, putting them at $35 and $40 respectively.  The Talos/Cronos kit gets the biggest bump, by +$8.75 putting them at $55.

I’ve always considered Dark Eldar armies to be a pretty fair value, despite being almost obligated to take every squad in a transport if possible to play the army properly.  My “panic” acquisitions in the past few days were a fifth squad of Warriors, a sixth Venom and a second Talos.  Of all my armies, this will probably always be my ongoing project, since I’m such a fan of the models, lore and play style, but I think I can feel happy with what I have now, at least up until we get plastic Grotesques…



Poor Orkz.  They get shafted pretty hard.  Pretty much every plastic infantry box is getting tagged with an extra $5-6.  This includes the good old $29 box of 10 Boyz projected to be $35.  And if you’re playing Orks, you’re gonna need a lot of them.  But that’s not all.  Nobz, Stormboyz, Lootas/Burna Boyz all go from $25 to $30 as well.  Although I was glad to be done with my Orks for the time being, I always had it in mind to pick up a few Burnas and maybe even slowly build up a full squad of 30 Stormboyz, but I’ve pretty much put a kibosh on that idea.

It’s not just the infantry either.  All the fairly new vehicle kits like the Deffkilla Wartrike and Megatrakk Scrapjet are going up +$5 ($50).  There’s also the Battlewagon increasing by +$9 and Dakkajet kit by +$10, which puts both at $75.  All I can say is, the Deffrolla better come with the Battlewagon standard now, but we know that’s not going to happen.  Unfortunately, as fun as yellow was to paint, I don’t see this army growing anymore.  They’ve been cut off from the main WAAAGH! and no more new dakka’s comin’ their way.

If there’s one thing that stands out to me, it’s that a lot of these kits are around a decade old, or even more.  For things that haven’t seen any price increases since their introduction, like a lot of the Dark Eldar stuff or even Ork infantry, I don’t like it, but I can understand it — again, my respects go out to those looking to build horde armies.  What bothers me the most is that some stuff, like the Wraithlord, Wave Serpent, or even the Dakkajet kit (if you’re not building the Wazbomb Blastajet) is coming up on twice what you originally would have paid if you’ve been in the hobby for awhile, and it’s hard not to feel cheated if you were to buy another of the exact same model where nothing but the box has changed over the years.

Again, haven’t crossed my line just yet, but it’s only natural to take a step back and think about things every time prices get bumped up.  And if the rumor turns out to be bunk and I look silly for wasting my time in writing all this, I’ll take that all day.  Guess we’ll see within the next 48 hours.

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