But wait! There’s more! – Games Workshop Price Increase Addendum


So it happened.  But it turns out there was a lot more to those price increases than what we had originally seen from the lists being circulated around news sites.  To be fair, disclaimers were given that those lists might not be complete, but as I scroll through the model range on the GW site and try to recall what I think the prices were a week ago, I’m realizing maybe I should have jumped on a few more things.

Here’s a quick addendum to my previous post about this, focusing mainly on my factions again, since those are the ones whose prices I more or less had committed to memory.  Yeah, I tend to online window shop from time to time.  Here’s what wasn’t listed, prices in USD:

Eldar – A lot of vehicles have also taken a +$5 bump, including the Vyper and War Walker, each now $35, as well as the Fire Prism/Falcon, which are now $55.  I could swear a lot of the HQs, including the Phoenix Lords saw a price increase as well, since half of them are sitting at $25.  Ridiculous, not just because they’re resin, but because they look incredibly outdated compared to more modern Aeldari hero units like Yvraine, Illic Nightspear and the Visarch.

Drukhari – The only mistake I’ve come across was for the Talos/Cronos kit, which actually didn’t take a price bump.  Practically every vehicle did take a hit though.  Other than the Venom and Raider which I mentioned in the previous post, I was surprised to see the Ravager and Razorwing Jetfighter both go up by about $5, putting them at $55 and $50 respectively.  I’m also almost certain the Voidraven at $80 went up, but I’m not entirely sure.

Helions, much like Scourge, also saw a +$5 increase, putting them at $30.  We also see a few more Finecast models getting a bit more expensive here.  Court of the Archon units all took a +$2 bump, and Razorwing flocks (the base with a bunch of birds) which I believe were around $14.50(?) did as well, putting them all at $18.  It’s not bad for Sslyth, Lhamaeans, or Medusae, which you might only buy one or two of — but Razorwing Flocks were already a horrible value if you’re trying to put together a big unit.  A lot of people have pointed out the Zombicide ‘Murder of Crowz’ box as an infinitely better alternative.

Orks – I already mentioned that I think the Orks got it the worst just by virtue of being a horde army.  There’s not much I’m noticing that wasn’t already on the list, but I guess it’s worth mentioning that Mek Gunz, Killa Kans, Deff Dread and Stompas all took about a +$5 bump in price.  Gretchin are a bit more expensive too now at $18, and price hikes for squishy units that you tend to want to buy in bulk are obviously going to hurt that much more.

Terrain (Bonus) – I haven’t really featured or even talked much about terrain here on my blog, but I do like a lot of what GW puts out, despite it being a tad bit overpriced — even more so now.  I always toy with the idea of buying more, but given how little I actually play games, it’s usually an afterthought.  Still, when I do my window shopping I check out terrain too and here’s what I’ve noticed:

A lot of stuff seems to have taken the standard +$5 bump including Thermic Plasma Regulators ($30), two Wall of Martyrs pieces, the Bunker and Defence Emplacement ($35), the Honoured Imperium statues ($35), and Shrine of the Aquilla ($45).  I could swear the Aegis Defence Line was $30 once upon a time, but it’s listed at $40 now.  Any of the stuff past that, I’m not entirely sure about, but they do seem more expensive than I remember, like the Void Shield ($110) I think was a flat $100.  Any of the stuff past $50 I’m not sure about.


It seems like Games Workshop’s intent was to standardize certain price points.  We’re seeing an average of $35-40 for a 10-man squad of GEQ (Kabalites, Wyches, Guardians, Boyz, Skitarii Rangers), while MEQ are going for $45-60.  Newer releases such as Chaos Space Marines, Primaris Marines, and very likely Adeptus Sororitas squads (going off the fine print in the ‘Big Community Survey’ giveaway) are pushing the higher end of that.  And of course, single models are running anywhere from $25-40.

For vehicles, “medium” types (Wave Serpents, Ravagers, Dreadnaughts and Leman Russes) seem to be set for $50-60, while heavier vehicles and flyers (Land Raiders, Voidravens, Battle Wagons, Stormravens) look to be averaging around $80-100.  Centerpiece models start at $100, with the really flashy stuff like Wraithknights, Baneblades, Greater Daemons, Imperial Knights or Daemon Primarchs going for $140-150+.

Now that all is said and done, I’m sure these prices will become normal to us within the next few weeks, but I’m still not happy the Drukhari range pretty much got a blanket increase to almost every model, including a lot of Finecast stuff which I, and many other hobbyists wish would just go away already.  The Eldar Phoenix Lords in particular I can’t imagine are going to be sold at those prices with even any semi-regularity.  Bad-ass as they might be in the lore, their models just look awful in 2019.  It also seemed like a lot of Webstore Exclusive stuff got omitted from the list, as I think they were intended for retailers, so stuff like Ravagers, which I wanted more of, got a (sort of) unexpected bump in price.  Oh well.

Regardless of what any outside factors may have been, it is really convenient that this was done just the week after the release of Apocalypse.  I’m not entirely sure how bad the Age of Sigmar range was hit by price hikes — I hardly paid attention to non-Sylvaneth stuff — but I do think part of the continuing appeal of 40k over AoS was that, model for model, 40k seemed like the slightly cheaper alternative. Maybe I can’t shake the first year of AoS from memory, but to me it’s still this thing where you have grand, sometimes overdone pieces of miniature art that you just happen to be able to play a game with.  I know it’s gotten better, and where newer 40k releases are stepping up their level of detail as well, this latest round of price hikes could also be seen as an attempt to bridge that price gap between the two games.  Or maybe GW just thought they could make more money and I’m overthinking it.


By the way, credit where credit’s due.  The picture at the top of the page was done by an artist that frequented 4chan’s /tg/ back in the early 2010s that went by Miko or IronShrineMaiden on DeviantArt.  Doesn’t look like she’s been active for years, but it’s been fun trip down memory lane digging through my old /tg/ folder.  The Sister of Silence– I’m not sure who did her, but if you know, feel free to comment with a link to their site so I can give credit to them as well.


Bracing for the latest round of Games Workshop price hikes.


If you keep up with any non-Games Workshop, Warhammer-related news sites, you might have already heard that a rather large round of price increases is on its way.  In about a day in fact, if the rumor is right.  And if you haven’t heard, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this does seem to be the biggest set of price increases I can remember in many years.  For a better idea of what’s going up, check out the pricing lists via Natfka or Bell of Lost Souls.  The vast majority of price increases are aimed at 40k kits, but you do see some things like AoS bases, the Citadel Paint Handle, and some random terrain being affected as well.

As with every set of price hikes you’ll get people who say that’s about all they can take, and that they’re done.  Then you get the replies telling them not to let the door hit them on the way out.  I gotta say that I always find myself more sympathetic to those who feel priced out of the hobby though, since all it really means is there’s less people to play an already niche game with — despite a huge amount of people who love the setting, lore, models, etc.  I also seem to remember one of the main driving forces behind the destruction of the Old World and the creation of Age of Sigmar was the large barrier of entry, which we’re starting to see again, but now with 40k.  Maybe that’s why they’ve been pushing Kill Team and other specialist games?  Dunno.

While I’m most definitely not calling it quits, everyone has their line, and every time this happens I have to consider where mine is and how close I’m getting to it.  The end result of this price hike for me personally is that I’ll actually spend less money overall on this hobby than I normally would have.  Not out of spite, but also because I have other hobbies that I’ve been neglecting in favor of churning out plastic space guys (and gals).  And whether these price hikes were brought on by tariffs, or Brexit, or Kevin Durant walking away from Golden State, I don’t know.  I’d also offer skepticism it has to do with Games Workshop struggling financially, seeing as how just last year they expected enough of a profit increase to give their employees all a share of a £5 million bonus, which for the record I thought was a classy move.  Whatever the case may be, we’ll likely never get a straight answer from Games Workshop, and it’ll be a cold day in hell when kits go down in price outside of limited boxed sets, something I plan on touching on in the future.

So where does that leave my armies?  They’re all seeing increases for some pretty notable models.  I’m in a position where there’s stuff I definitely wanted more of down the line, but have more than enough on my hobby plate to justify not adding any of them to what’s essentially turning into a ‘Pile of Shame’.  You know.  That stack of boxes in your closet or basement that’s just collecting dust?  Yeah.  Anyway, I’ve been kinda taking stock figuratively and literally, and thinking about where to go with each army, if anywhere at all anymore.  This is not a comprehensive list of increases by the way.  If you want that, check out one of the links at the top.

Craftworld Eldar


Short of seeing plastic Aspect Warriors, I don’t see myself making anymore purchases for my Craftworld Eldar.  Even when we eventually do see them, at the current pricing trends they’d probably be something like $50 for 5 models.  Plus I like the weighty feel of my metal Aspect Warriors.  What I would have liked was another Wraithknight, but those are taking a +$25 hit, from $115 to $140, I’m not too torn up about it though.  Much of what I feel my army is missing I already have just waiting in my stockpile.

Some noteworthy projected price increases are +$9 ($50) for Windriders and +$10 ($75) for the Crimson Hunter.  There’s also +$5.50 ($50) for the Wave Serpent and +$8.75 ($55) for a Wraithlord.  These were models that were both $30 when I first started.  That isn’t great, but yet somehow GW still hasn’t outdone their most BS change I’ve ever seen since I’ve been around: Dire Avengers being repackaged from a squad of 10 to 5, while simultaneously getting a price bump from $30 to $35.  Anyway, as far as army growth, looks like these guys are just gonna be on standby for a long time.

Dark Eldar / Drukhari


This is the one that irks me the most, but I guess after going 9 years and seeing only price hikes on the newer plastic HQ models, it’s been a good run.  Notable plastic infantry kits are seeing about a $5-6 increase, which puts Warriors and Wyches at $35 and Scourge at $30.  Venoms and Raiders get an increase as well, putting them at $35 and $40 respectively.  The Talos/Cronos kit gets the biggest bump, by +$8.75 putting them at $55.

I’ve always considered Dark Eldar armies to be a pretty fair value, despite being almost obligated to take every squad in a transport if possible to play the army properly.  My “panic” acquisitions in the past few days were a fifth squad of Warriors, a sixth Venom and a second Talos.  Of all my armies, this will probably always be my ongoing project, since I’m such a fan of the models, lore and play style, but I think I can feel happy with what I have now, at least up until we get plastic Grotesques…



Poor Orkz.  They get shafted pretty hard.  Pretty much every plastic infantry box is getting tagged with an extra $5-6.  This includes the good old $29 box of 10 Boyz projected to be $35.  And if you’re playing Orks, you’re gonna need a lot of them.  But that’s not all.  Nobz, Stormboyz, Lootas/Burna Boyz all go from $25 to $30 as well.  Although I was glad to be done with my Orks for the time being, I always had it in mind to pick up a few Burnas and maybe even slowly build up a full squad of 30 Stormboyz, but I’ve pretty much put a kibosh on that idea.

It’s not just the infantry either.  All the fairly new vehicle kits like the Deffkilla Wartrike and Megatrakk Scrapjet are going up +$5 ($50).  There’s also the Battlewagon increasing by +$9 and Dakkajet kit by +$10, which puts both at $75.  All I can say is, the Deffrolla better come with the Battlewagon standard now, but we know that’s not going to happen.  Unfortunately, as fun as yellow was to paint, I don’t see this army growing anymore.  They’ve been cut off from the main WAAAGH! and no more new dakka’s comin’ their way.

If there’s one thing that stands out to me, it’s that a lot of these kits are around a decade old, or even more.  For things that haven’t seen any price increases since their introduction, like a lot of the Dark Eldar stuff or even Ork infantry, I don’t like it, but I can understand it — again, my respects go out to those looking to build horde armies.  What bothers me the most is that some stuff, like the Wraithlord, Wave Serpent, or even the Dakkajet kit (if you’re not building the Wazbomb Blastajet) is coming up on twice what you originally would have paid if you’ve been in the hobby for awhile, and it’s hard not to feel cheated if you were to buy another of the exact same model where nothing but the box has changed over the years.

Again, haven’t crossed my line just yet, but it’s only natural to take a step back and think about things every time prices get bumped up.  And if the rumor turns out to be bunk and I look silly for wasting my time in writing all this, I’ll take that all day.  Guess we’ll see within the next 48 hours.


Ain’t done yet.


I dropped the ball on this blog for a bit, partially because of stuff that came up irl, and partially because I wasn’t sure if I should migrate to blogspot or continue with WordPress.  I wasn’t entirely idle during this past chunk of the year though.  I managed to finish up my Bad Moon Orks, leaving the big, bad Gorkanaut for last, before immediately cracking open the Season One Zombicide box and getting that done.  I plan on posting some stuff about them soon, but man did painting hordes of Orks and zombies take a lot out of me.


I took a quick break from wargaming to indulge in some other hobbies and found myself spending a good chunk of my free time getting back into Vermintide 2, which by the way has to be one of the best uses of the Warhammer licenses in a video game since Dawn of War.  I’m sure there are other first-person games that have more complex melee systems out there, but Vermintide’s approach to melee — being easy to grasp while still allowing for depth — is a big reason combat feels so frantic yet smooth flowing.  Not to mention how satisfyingly weighty weapon impacts feel .  The challenge book is a big reason the game’s stuck for me lately despite having already dumped almost 300~ hours into it prior.  Among other things, finishing the “campaign” with each subclass on the hardest difficulty rewards you with some pretty badass looking skins, so that’s been my motivation this go around, and I’m 11 of 15 down as of this writing.  Even if I call it quits after that, the amount of fun I got out of a $30 investment (minus DLC) can’t go without mentioning.


But this isn’t a video game blog and I have a lot of work ahead of me as you can see.  I know general hobby wisdom dictates that you should always keep your backlog manageable, but it’s also hard to pass up deals when they present themselves.  Not pictured are random things like a small collection of Harlequin and Dark Eldar models, as well as some Sisters of Silence, Celestine, etc.  I could probably ease off buying anything for the next 2-3 years and have enough projects to last me.  Of course, I can’t be the only one holding my breath for the new Adepta Sororitas late next year, so we know that’s not happening.

I lucked out on that Kill Team Starter Set by the way.  After putting it off during its initial release which sold out *everywhere*, and even a few more times when GW would randomly get stock on its website, I finally decided to pull the trigger a few weeks ago.  And would you know it, within the next few days it turns out that’d be the last batch they’d ever make.  Anyway, just figured I’d break the silence and fire up this blog again.  I’ve got quite a few things to post about in the coming days.

Personal · Warhammer 40000

Introductions are in order

Some time around 2006, for better or worse, I found myself swept up by this wargaming hobby.  I had been familiar with the Warhammer 40,000 franchise since I was a kid, but was really only exposed to it in all its ‘grimdark’ glory through the Dawn of War PC game.  Everything about the setting, atmosphere, and the way Games Workshop approached this idea of “fantasy in space” was unlike anything I’d seen before and was just craving more, so I took the plunge some time around the tail end of 4th edition.  Being an Eldar player in DoW, and knowing that everyone and their mother played Space Marines, choosing them as my first army was a no brainer.  Of course, you never, ever have one army, and a year or two later, I started a really modest collection of Orks, and finally in 2010 when the Dark Eldar model range and their lore were revamped, I absolutely had to start an army.


I’m no 40k gaming guru.  I’ve played maybe a dozen games, mostly due to a lack of competition in my immediate vicinity, but I’ll still build lists and try to keep up with the meta.  That said, just collecting and painting armies has been more than enough to keep me engaged in the hobby.  So that’s basically what this blog is about.

Over just the last few years, I decided after picking up a few new painting tricks, learning better brush control and finding a bit of free time here and there, that when I wasn’t picking up new models, I’d completely repaint (!) both my Eldar and Ork armies.  During this time, I also felt compelled for some strange reason to take random pictures, not only of finished models, but WIPs.  Before long I found myself with a big enough folder of pictures that I figured I might as well catalog all of it somehow, and after much feet dragging, here I am.  I don’t suppose many people will ever find this blog, but I hope you find something interesting in it regardless.